Palace Skateboards is a
London-based skateboard shop and
clothing brand established in
2009.Now it has become one of the
most popular street fashion ware
around the world.


Palace Skateboards aims to better
connect with China’s digital-first
consumers. In Q2 2020, Palace
Skateboards launched their WeChat
Mini Program. In order to provide a
high performance cross-border
shopping experience to Chinese
customers, Palace Skateboards
installed Send2china’s UK-China
E-commerce direct shipping(B2C

Our Solution

Unique UK-China Ecommerce
shipping (B2C shipping)

Send2china seamlessly integrated its shipping management system(SMS) with Palace
Skateboards WeChat Mini Program store, WMS and Shopify backend to synchronize orders
and generate shipping labels automatically.

At Send2china’s SMS, Palace Skateboards could easily manage its shipments and inventory

Palce Skateboards WeChat Mini store

Parcel shipping notification

All the parcels from Palace Skateboards’ warehouse were carefully picked and
handled by Send2china’s collecting fleet and transported to Send2china’s
warehouse in Crawley for processing and shipping to China. Each parcel was
successfully cleared at Guangzhou Airport Customs within 24 hours after arrival. The
door-to-door parcel delivery time from the UK to Chinese consumers has been
shortened to within 7 days with custom tax automatically handled via EDI function.


Sweet World is an import retail
service provider who helps UK
brands to target Chinese customers
through its Ecommerce


As a leading cross-border Ecom-
merce marketplace provider,
Sweet World mobile APP has
grown to become a cutting-edge
fashion culture & sneaker selling
platform among Chinese fans. The
APP is known for providing global
trendy brands, strong stylish
atmosphere, limited-edition
sneakers and its internal commu-
nity which has also accumulated a
high awareness.

In order to provide a premium service to Chinese consumers, Sweet World
adopted Send2china fulfilment solution and UK-China direct shipping.

Sweet World mobile APP

Our Solution

Ecommerce order fulfilment and UK-China
direct shipping

Through Send2china all-in-one system solution, Sweet World were
able to manage their Ecommerce orders fulfilment, pick and pack,
storage and shipping at one go.

Sweet World had been leveraging their mobile APP as their selling
platform and primary communication window with Chinese
consumers. Through the integration of Send2china SMS, Sweet World
could synchronize orders from their APP store and utilize all the
features(label printing, shipment management, inventory check, etc.)
on Send2china SMS effortlessly.

Adapting to the sales tonality of Sweet World, a highly customized
fulfilment solution has been created and all the parcels have been
delivered in perfect condition, with an average transit time 6-7 days.


Rapport London is a family-owned brand whose horological products will help preserve and
extend the life of customers’ timepiece. Rapport London uses many of the same traditions
and innovative craftsmanship techniques today that it has since launching over 120
years ago.


Rapport horological products have always been stylish with quality in mind,their wide variety
of product categories also determines they offer a wide range of different prices.In order to
provide a hassle-free cross-border shopping experience to their Chinese audience, Rapport
London started exploring ways to tap into China’s ecommerce market with a bespoke
UK-China ecommerce shipping solution.

Our Solution

Highly-customized UK-China shipping solution

    Through Send2china highly-customized shipping solution, Rapport London’s WeChat
Mini Program store has been integrated with Send2china’s both B2C Ecommerce
shipping and C2C personal effects shipping.

    As a result of Send2china’s successful “triple custom compliance” implementation,
the average transit time of B2C shipping has been shorted to 7 days with custom tax auto-
matically handled via EDI function. Through the integration of C2C shipping, consumers
on the Mini Program are also able to purchase products which value exceed the transac-
tion limits of B2C shipping, whilst also track the overseas shipment status and customs
clearance process directly from the Mini Program.

    The ability to provide both shipping solutions and apply either of them to each order
automatically allows Rapport London to provide a premium cross-border shopping expe-
rience to their fans, increasing the probability of repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

B2C Ecommerce shipping flowchart