Send2China drives online revenue for global brands in China through ecommerce platforms setup, payment integration, IT commercial solutions and more.

With rich experience of Western management and Chinese operations in digital and IT sectors, Send2China has successfully deployed and grown a large volume of brands in China’s ecommerce market

Shipping API Integration

Send2China API integration enables companies to manage and track shipments automatically using their own system. The shipment API also gives access to all core functions required to create and manage shipments, such as: Convert order to a single or multiple shipment, label generation and shipping management.

WeChat Mini Programme Development

Our WeChat Mini Program development service can help you to establish advanced features to users such as eCommerce, task management and coupons on WeChat mini-programs, the ‘sub-applications’ within the WeChat ecosystem.

Ecommerce shop development(HTML5)

We offer high performance, reliable and scalable Ecommerce development using HTML5, the latest and most advanced version of HTML.

Payment Integration

We are one of the UK’s reliable Alipay and WeChat pay approved integrators which means we can help you accept payment from over 1.5 billion active monthly users in China.

Through our innovative digital payment technologies, we can seamlessly connect you with Chinese customers, who rely heavily on the mobile payment platforms Alipay and WeChat Pay for their purchasing needs.